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Betsy to the Rescue

Betsy: Foster Mom, the water dish is almost half empty and the cats have decided to use it as a toy box. I prefer a full, clean water dish for my drinks

Me: Ah, let me fix that

Bear: Toys? In the water dish? Let me see!!! (sticks his head and chest over the water dish as I am picking it up)

Me: Bear! Move! You are going to make me spill the water

Bear: But Toys!!!

Betsy: Fresh water please

Me: Ok, you deal with Bear

Betsy: Bear! Move!

Bear: (Moving away from the dish) Sheesh, you don’t have to be a grump!

Me: Well that was easy…

Foster Mom Hazard Pay

Me: Bear did you notice I am cleaning the kitchen

Bear: uh no

Me: Didn’t you wonder why I was walking back and forth in the same area?

Bear: Nope, it made it easy for me to find a place to lay down

Me: What happens when I step on you because you are in the middle of my path?

Bear: Foster Mom, you would never step on me

Me: Sigh. Ok, who exactly do you think is going to foster you when I end up in the hospital because I “didn’t” step on you?

Bear: Foster Mom, you’re funny (stretches out on his back)

Me: I want puppy kisses

Bear: I don’t give puppy kisses

Me: I’ve noticed, the whole point of a cute, fuzzy puppy is kisses!

Bear: Nu-uh, besides, I give Bear Kisses, not puppy kisses

Me: Oh? What exactly is a Bear Kiss?

Bear: (Rubbing my chin with his nose and pushing really hard) See, Bear Kisses!

Me: Awwww, do it again!

Snuggle Bear

Me: (Snuggling Bear)

Bear: Foster Mom, I want down

Me: Are you sure? You just got up here.

Bear: Yes I want to get down.

Me: ok (sets Bear on floor)

Bear: (looks around) Uh Foster Mom?

Me: Yes?

Bear: Can I get in your lap?

Me You were just in my lap and you wanted down.

Bear: I was? Are you sure? Can we snuggle???

Yin and Yang

You never know what will happen with fosters, these two provided me with my perfect yin and yang.



The Rumor Mill

Lady: Noise! I heard a noise!

Betsy: Noise! Scary Noise! Lady heard a Noise!

Ariel from the backyard: Noise! (scratching frantically) I’m gonna die!!! Let me in!!!

Foster Mom: (Lets Ariel bounce in) Betsy? What’s Wrong?

Ariel: There was a noise!!!! We are gonna die!!!!!

Betsy: Noise!!! Scary, Scary Noise! Lady says so!!

Foster Mom: Lady?

Lady: Yeah?

Foster Mom: Scary Noise???

Ariel: Are we gonna die????

Lady: Ummm maybe not

Bear: (Yawning) What?

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