What Lock?

Me: (Getting home from Austin, letting Bear and Tramp out of their kennels)

Bear: MOTHER!!!! You will never believe what happened today!  It was the scariest day ever! I thought we were never going to see you again!!!

Tramp: Thank god you finally got home!

Me: (Settling down on the floor with Bear and Tramp doing their best to both fit in my lap) Goodness,  what happened?

Bear: You went away and I kept jumping on the door so you'd hear and come let me out! Then Tramp did something  to the door.  This Lady came to visit, I liked her she put treats under the door!

Tramp: She's our sitter you idiot.  She comes to visit if Mom goes away for a long time.

Bear: I liked her but she wouldn't open the door and let us out. It was very scary, I don't know what Tramp did but he had to have done something!

Me: (Scratching Tramps head before he could comment) Sorry to tell you this Baby Bear, but there is no way Tramp locked the door, he can't reach it. You are the only one who could have locked the door.

Bear: I didn't do it, I promise! Did you see Tramp gave me his blanket?

Tramp: Seriously? I am going to lock you in my kennel the next time you "steal" my blanket!

Bear: Oh then Rachel came, she called me an idiot.

Tramp: Yeah, and?

Bear: She made some funny noises and took the longest time opening the door.  I had to growl at her to get her to hurry.

Tramp: Pretty sure it wasn't your growling that made her hurry, I'm just glad she just didn't leave at that point and force me to be stuck with you ALL day!

Me: Wow, sounds very scary.

Bear: It was!

Tramp: (groans) The only scary part was being stuck with him!

Bear: Then the nice lady came back and opened the door and let us out. I gave her some of my toys to play with so she'd stay.

Tramp: At least she came back. That's more than I would have done.

Bear: (Standing up, putting both paws on my shoulders, looking at me intently) Mother! You can't ever, ever leave again!

Tramp: (Snorts) Right, if you weren't so silly it wouldn't be a big deal.

Me: (Moving Bear's paws so I can hug him) How about I fix the door so it can't lock again? That way Lori can visit and I can occasionally leave the house. 

Bear: (Plopping back down in my lap) I don't know, I bet that lock is just waiting to trap me again!


Dust? What Dust

Me: (Pulling a swiffer duster out of the box)

Bear: (Running up to me) Mom! That's a really cool toy!

Tramp: Toy? What Toy?

 Me: (Hanging on to the swiffer with both hands) Nope! I need to dust the TV.

Bear:  But Mom! We can help!

Me: (Sitting down in front of the TV stand) 

Tramp: (Stands on my left, focused on the fuzzy swiffer) Mom, we really can help. 

Bear: (Standing on my right, just as focused) Yeah, we can! 

Me: (Starting to dust bottom shelf from back to front)

Bear: (Tries to squeeze into TV Stand)

Me: Bear! Stop that! 

Bear: (Manages to grab the swiffer and starts backing out quickly)

Me: (Yanking swiffer away from Bear)

Tramp: (Catches swiffer as I swing back and pulls the fuzzy part off the handle, runs to the other side of the living room with Bear in hot pursuit)

Me: Oh nice, now you two are working together?

Bear: (Grabs the free end of the swiffer and pulls, splitting it in two)

Me: Alright, that does it!

Bear and Tramp: (Freeze, looking at me with wide eyes)

Me: Y'all better give those back! (Slowly stalking my boys)

Lady: (Moving away from the open door)

Bear and Tramp: (Head out the back door at top speed, each with half a swiffer)

Me: (Chasing the boys to start a game of keep away that kept the TV from getting dusted that day)

Mists of Pandaria Beta Notes – Session 1

Disclaimer: My favorite things in WOW are fishing, flowers and squirrels. In other words, if you are looking for hard core raiding or talent advice, I won't be able to help.

My latency for the beta is high 40's in the Panda area and has been holding in the 20's elsewhere, I've seen less than 10 several times.

The Mists of Pandaria beta has been extremely entertaining. I started just like everyone else and created a Panda Monk. I was immediately greeted with this:

I was able to complete a whole 3 quests and 2 levels over the course of about an hour due to lag (with 40ish latency) and lack of resources to fight to complete the quests. See the guys with the yellow names below? All of the guys with blue names needed to kill six of them to complete the quest. If you are in this mess, I recommend finding a spawn point. Mine was off to the right under the far lantern and hit [TAB] and target everything you can. As soon as your one(1) on the task bar is not red and you have something targeted, hit your one button and keep fighting.

Then I decided I'd had enough Panda fun for the evening and made a Night Elf hunter in hopes of being able to see new content. If you make a Night Elf Monk, as of today, you can only get to Level 3 via quest. At that point all of the other classes are sent to their trainer for a quest which then opens the rest of the quests in the night elf starting area. There is no Monk trainer the starting area so the quests stop. This bug has been reported extensively.

Things I noticed:

  • Training is given when you level so you don't have to visit the trainer, at least through level 14.
  • If you have multiple kills in a close area looting once gives you all the loot.
  • Range for hunters is increased significantly. The first shot is very quick and the repeat shots are also noticeably faster.

One big change is there are no melee AND ranged weapons. You only get two slots. For hunters it's equipped with a bow, for monks it's fist weapons. I am conflicted on this one, for the hunter and so far the monk it's fine. But for a rogue I actually use ranged weapons to pull from groups that are too big for sap/melee crowd control, maybe I'll have to stop looking at the flowers and figure that one out.

Defects I noticed:

  • The bankers in Darnassus are having issues knowing where the floor is, I kinda like this issue. (On the right side of the shot, my bird was making it difficult to get a good shot) For this banker, only her ears and hair can be seen above the wall.

  • The portal to Ruth'theran village is a little wonky. The first time I went through on autorun it dumped my toon in the village and right back to Darnassus. I finally figured out it was "backwards" so I had to enter from behind the portal in both Darn and the village. According to the boards, monks were having issues getting through at all.
  • Daily cooking and fishing quests are not resetting.

    My next adventure will be a Draeni Monk.


Bear: It's mine!
Tramp: Give it to me Brat!
Bear: Mine!
Tramp: No it isn't, it's mine!
Me: Boys?
Tramp: Hush! We have to hide it!
Bear: Hide it!
Me: (Hearing sounds of the boys frantically hiding something) What's up?
Bear and Tramp: (Sitting next to each other, looking very innocent) Nothing!
Me: So you two were almost in an all out dog fight over nothing? 
Tramp: (Stands up) We were playing!
Bear: (Stands up and reveals a wad of paper he had been sitting on) We weren't doing anything!
Me: (Picking up paper) Funny, I could have sworn I threw this away a few minutes ago. 
Tramp: Nice going Brat.
Bear: Mom! Tramp stole it, I was just trying to bring it back to you!
Tramp: Really? Mother! He stole it and was NOT bringing it back to you!'
Me: (Laughing) You don't say….

Leave it

Me: Bear, we are going to work on "Leave it" and "Take it"
Bear: (Looks at me suspiciously) What does that mean?
Me: I will hold a treat and tell you to "Leave it" and you don't eat it until I say "Take it"
Bear: (Snorts) That's the silliest thing I've ever heard
Me: That may be true, but you still need to learn (Holding treat in flat of my hand) Leave it
Bear: (Looks at treat and tries to grab it from my hand)
Me: (Closing hand just before Bear gets to treat and feeling his teeth on my knuckles) Bear: Leave it
Bear: Treat! (Tries to lick fingers open, tries to stick nose between fingers, puts paw on my hand and tries to dig my hand open)
Me: Bear, Leave it
Bear: Sigh, do what?
Me: Leave it (Slowly starts opening hand)
Bear: Treat! (Jumps towards my hand)
Me: (Closing hand)
Bear: Mother, this is silly
Me: I'm good with that. Leave it (Slowly starts opening hand)
Bear: (Starts to move towards hand)
Me: Leave it!
Bear: (Sits) sigh (Looks intently at treat)
Me: (1 second count) Take it
Bear: Finally! (Snatches treat) Are we done?
Me: I want to do it a couple more times for this session (holds treat in hand) Leave it
Bear: Treat!!!