Small Talk about the Weather – a Non-Bear Post

I live in Texas. This is a widely known fact, I love living in Texas.  I’m pretty much a Southern girl with all that entails. I know how to use polite as a deadly weapon and when necessary I can cook a down home meal that will clog your arteries for years.

I work for a company based out of Connecticut, most of my management and coworkers are in that area.  When I first transitioned from local management to North-East based management I was a little concerned what the cultural differences would mean. They didn’t create the saying “separated by a common language” for nothing. Then my curiosity took over, I started asking all sorts of questions to anyone silly enough to call in early to one of my meetings.

snowplowThe last two winters have been awesome for me!  (Not so much for the people who have provided an abundance of new things for me to learn) I provide a southern perspective, the concept of living in a place where snow plows are non-existent is just as novel of an idea to my co-workers as the idea of not only snow plows but little ones that people own for their houses to clear driveways and sidewalks. How cool is that!

Then there was the conversation with my boss about a white Christmas, I confidently said we rarely get cold enough for a white Christmas which led to a conversation about how well Santa’s sled worked without snow (just fine). Imagine my amusement when, for the first time in 17 years, we get upwards of three inches of snow on Christmas.

Two years later, we still talk about the weather, a lot. I still learn things and I still teach things. It’s fun, interesting and oddly enough I don’t think it’s small talk.

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