A Little About Me

One day a few years ago the idea to blog and all the romantic ideals that entails struck. Then life intruded, and ideas were not as easily discovered as I thought they would be in my daily adventures.  My blog sat with very few updates until one day I decided I was going to give up the idea of blogging.

During this time I started working with a local dog rescue and fostered a little imp of a puppy named Sasha. I started writing little “stories” about her as she grew as a way of promoting her for adoption.  After Sasha found her perfect family, there several other fosters. Some got stories, some didn’t.  At some point during this process I realized my “blog” was their stories.

I occasionally write about other interests but the critters often object since they love the spotlight and more importantly, they love making  people smile, they simply don’t understand how posts about cars or weaving projects could be interesting, but I keep trying.

Feel free to grab a recliner or a corner of the couch, one of the critters will be along shortly to curl up next to you.

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