Betsy to the Rescue

Betsy: Foster Mom, the water dish is almost half empty and the cats have decided to use it as a toy box. I prefer a full, clean water dish for my drinks

Me: Ah, let me fix that

Bear: Toys? In the water dish? Let me see!!! (sticks his head and chest over the water dish as I am picking it up)

Me: Bear! Move! You are going to make me spill the water

Bear: But Toys!!!

Betsy: Fresh water please

Me: Ok, you deal with Bear

Betsy: Bear! Move!

Bear: (Moving away from the dish) Sheesh, you don’t have to be a grump!

Me: Well that was easy…

Foster Mom Hazard Pay

Me: Bear did you notice I am cleaning the kitchen

Bear: uh no

Me: Didn’t you wonder why I was walking back and forth in the same area?

Bear: Nope, it made it easy for me to find a place to lay down

Me: What happens when I step on you because you are in the middle of my path?

Bear: Foster Mom, you would never step on me

Me: Sigh. Ok, who exactly do you think is going to foster you when I end up in the hospital because I “didn’t” step on you?

Bear: Foster Mom, you’re funny (stretches out on his back)

Bear Kisses

Me: I want puppy kisses

Bear: I don’t give puppy kisses

Me: I’ve noticed, the whole point of a cute, fuzzy puppy is kisses!

Bear: Nu-uh, besides, I give Bear Kisses, not puppy kisses

Me: Oh? What exactly is a Bear Kiss?

Bear: (Rubbing my chin with his nose and pushing really hard) See, Bear Kisses!

Me: Awwww, do it again!

Snuggle Bear

Me: (Snuggling Bear)

Bear: Foster Mom, I want down

Me: Are you sure? You just got up here.

Bear: Yes I want to get down.

Me: ok (sets Bear on floor)

Bear: (looks around) Uh Foster Mom?

Me: Yes?

Bear: Can I get in your lap?

Me You were just in my lap and you wanted down.

Bear: I was? Are you sure? Can we snuggle???

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