No Bear Kiss?

Me: (Hearing splashing noises) Bear, what are you doing?

Bear: (Standing with both front feet in the mostly full water dish) Getting a drink?

Me: Really? With your front feet?

Bear: Ummm Yeah (steps out of the dish and runs towards me) Foster Mom!!!

Me: Bear STOP.

Bear: What? You don’t want a Bear kiss????

Me: Not when the paws that come with that Bear kiss are dripping wet.

Bear: Foster Mom Toes!!!

Me: Bear STOP.

Bear: What?

Me: You are being a pill.

Bear: At least I’m a cute pill! (wags tail)

Puppies and Promises

Bear: Foster Mom! I want outside to play with Rommie (carrying his stuffed toy to the door)

Me: You know you aren’t supposed to take toys out there

Bear: Please foster mom??? I’ll bring it back, I promise.

Me: Sigh, ok, I need to find the rest of toys you guys have taken out there anyway.

Bear: Thanks Foster Mom!!!

30 minutes later

Bear: Foster mom can I come in?

Me: Sure (Opens door)

Bear: (walks in carrying his toy) See I told you!

Me: Yes you did! Can I have a Bear kiss?

Bear: Foster Mom, you got one this morning that should be enough!