The Tragedy of Growing

Bear: Mom, I want in your lap.

Me: Sweetie, you really don’t fit in my lap anymore.

Bear: Of course I fit, let me up.

Me: Sure we can try (lifts Bear into my lap)

Bear: (One hind leg hanging down, both front paws on my chest) Mom! I’m falling!

Me: No you’re not, you just don’t fit anymore.

Bear: But I always fit in your lap (pulls his leg up and the other leg falls down) Mom!

Me: (slowly starts letting him down to the floor) How about I sit on the floor.

Bear: That’s no fun! (heads off to steal Betsy’s chew toy)

About 10 minutes later.

Bear: Mom! I want in your lap!

Grumpy Mom

Me: Curling up in the recliner with my blanket

Bear: Blanket! (Runs over to grab the blanket to pull it off the chair)

Me: Bear, you are going to have a very grumpy Mom instead of a mostly grumpy Mom if you don’t leave my blanket alone (pulls the corner out of Bear’s mouth)

Bear: Blanket!!! (Grabs another section of blanket and starts pulling)

At this point the TV remote slides off my lap and onto the floor

Bear: Toy!!! (Drops the blanket, grabs the remote and runs at top speed to the back door)

Bear: I need out Mom, NOW!

Me: Give me the remote and you can go out

Bear: No! I need a toy to carry out

Me: Fine, but you aren’t taking the remote (has to catch Bear around his ribs and hold him to get the remote out of his mouth)

Bear: I don’t want to go out now!

Me: Of course not…

No More Foster Mom

Me: Hey Bear, come here and give me a Bear kiss I have some news for you

Bear: Foster Mom, I’m playing!

Me: We need to talk for a quick sec

Bear: Sigh, ok, what

Me: Well, you’ve found your family so you don’t have to worry about finding them any more.

Bear: But I haven’t met anyone, how can I have a family?

Me: Because I’ve decided you need to stay here, you can call me Mom now.

Bear: No more Foster Mom?

Me: No more Foster Mom.

Bear: (Jumps in my lap gives me a quick Bear kiss) Yarn!!!! (Grabs my knitting project and runs)

Me: Sigh

🙂 Bear has joined the family.

No Bear Kiss?

Me: (Hearing splashing noises) Bear, what are you doing?

Bear: (Standing with both front feet in the mostly full water dish) Getting a drink?

Me: Really? With your front feet?

Bear: Ummm Yeah (steps out of the dish and runs towards me) Foster Mom!!!

Me: Bear STOP.

Bear: What? You don’t want a Bear kiss????

Me: Not when the paws that come with that Bear kiss are dripping wet.

Bear: Foster Mom Toes!!!

Me: Bear STOP.

Bear: What?

Me: You are being a pill.

Bear: At least I’m a cute pill! (wags tail)

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