Thieves and Treats

Bear: (Comes out of my room with a sock and a shirt, heads directly to his kennel.)
Me: Bear, those aren’t toys. Bring them to me.
Bear: (Seems to have gone deaf. Gets to kennel, plops down loudly)
Me: (Following, stands in front of kennel, notices a couple of other socks behind his fuzzy body) Goodness you’ve been busy.
Bear: (Looks at me, shirt and sock still in mouth)
Me: (Squats down in front of kennel, gently opens his locked jaws, withdraws soggy shirt and sock. Climb into kennel rescues other socks, climb back out. Returns clothes to bedroom.)
Bear: (Steals lap blanket off couch, heads to kennel)
Me: Bear!
Bear: (Plops loudly in kennel)
Tramp: (Snickers)
Bear: (Laying in kennel, on top of lap blanket, looking at me)
Me: (Crawls halfway in kennel, starts Mom scritches at head, down neck, shoulders, toward tummy till Bear rolls over. I grab blanket and run to living room with Bear in hot pursuit)

A little while later

Bear: (Walks out of my bedroom with my pillow)
Me: Bear! Stop!
Bear: (Stops, looks at me)
Me: Bring that to me please.
Bear: (Brings me the pillow)
Me: (Gives Bear a couple of training treats) Thank you (Puts pillow off to the side)
Tramp: Wait! You did not just reward him for stealing your pillow, did you?
Me: No, I rewarded him for saving me the time and effort of climbing in his kennel for the third time today.
Tramp: Oh I’m pretty sure you just rewarded him for stealing
Bear: (Walks out of my bedroom with my other pillow and brings it directly to me.)
Tramp:(Snorts) Right that saved plenty of time!

The Damaged Limping Girl

Yesterday, Rommie, my oldest dog started limping.  After checking several things we decided to wait and see. I’d restrict her movement and keep her as calm as possible and if things didn’t get better we’d visit our wonderful vet in a day or so.  Rommie on restricted movement meant everyone on restricted movement since trying to get one or two dogs in or out at different times is more of an adventure than I am up to most days.

This afternoon I let everyone out for their 5 minute run, Snow, the cat, decided to join the dogs. He’s not on restriction so out he goes.

Five minutes later.

I open the door,  three bodies come running in the door. I count again, yup three, all black. “Rommie!” I see her, back to me, in her favorite sunny spot and her ear twitches.  Seriously? Damaged, limping, girl gives me an ear twitch? So I head out to where Rommie is enjoying her spot of sun, mumbling, loudly enough I know she can hear. The ear twitch turns into a head turn, which turns into a standing up, which turns into a slowly wagging tail and a slow limp towards me. As I slowly herd her back towards the house explaining how I know she just lost her fuzzy little brain to think I would ever leave her out with a limp that bad. And how good she about forgetting  the limp and running up and down the fence line so the limp gets worse. Rommie was sufficiently chastised by the time we got back to the door and headed to her new raised fluffy bed and settled down to sleep.


I close the back door to find Snow, the only animal cleared to still be outside running towards the closed door. He apparently came in with the rest and was now unhappy that I wasn’t letting him back out.

I’m sure that’s a toy

Bear is chewing on a blue plastic thing. 
I’m pretty sure it used to be part of a larger dog toy. 
Mostly sure. 
I think it was. 
I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t, it’s not something I will be upset about if it breaks. 
I’m good. 
Bear’s a good boy!

Pigpen revisited

Rachel ‘s cat Snow apparently decided to play with Bear this morning. The best I can figure is Bear buried the silly cat. They come in from the back yard, Bear obviously having rolled in the grass and Snow COMPLETELY covered in dirt and grass. Completely. Dust was puffing off of him as he walked.

Pancakes Anyone?

Me: (Picking up Snow from in front of the door and holding him while I let the dogs out)
Snow: I want to go out too!
Me: Not for a couple of weeks, we are too close to Halloween.
Snow: And?
Me: You are a black cat, some people like to hurt black cats around this time of year.
Snow: That’s silly I don’t bother anyone.
Me: (Puts Snow on back of recliner next to door) How about I pet you every time I let the dogs in or out?
Snow: Really? Does that mean you like me?
Me: I suppose I could agree to those terms.
Snow: (Jumps off recliner) Score!


Snow: (Permanently attached to the back of the recliner)


Me: (Letting the dogs out, petting Snow)
Snow: I’m kinda thinking you love me!
Me: Don’t push it


Me: (Letting the dogs in, petting Snow)
Snow: Wow I’m starting to think I might be your favorite!
Me: Right. (Note to self, cats don’t get sarcasm)
Bear: (Hits seat of recliner, flips Snow off the top) Excuse me? What did you say?
Snow: You heard her, I’m her favorite!
Bear: (Sits on Snow) Mother!
Snow: (Squeaks)
Me: Bear, what have we decided about the cats and squeaking?
Bear: They aren’t supposed to but he said he’s your favorite. A cat can’t be your favorite. Besides he isn’t squeaking anymore.
Me: Bear, he stopped squeaking because he can’t breathe!
Bear: So?
Me: So, I am not explaining to Rachel why Snow got turned into a pancake, stand up!
Bear: (Stands up, snorts) Silly cat!
Snow: (Taking several deep breaths) Tell me again why I shouldn’t go outside?

A Little Help from My Friends

Me: (Home from shopping run with two new rope toys, Bear gets the one with the soon to be destroyed toy in the middle, Tramp gets the rope with knots in each end.)
Bear and Tramp: (Head out of the kitchen with their new toys.)

Few minutes later.

Tramp: (Standing in kitchen doorway, no toy in sight.)
Me: Let me guess, Bear snagged your toy.
Tramp: (sigh.)
Me: (Heads out to living room to see what’s up.)
Bear: (Quite happily chewing on his own toy in front of the couch.)
Tramp: (Peaking out from the kitchen.)
Me: (Frowns at Tramp, heads back to kitchen.)
Bear: (Following me by about five steps, walks into the kitchen with Tramps toy.)
Tramp: Mom! He stole my toy!
Bear: (Drops toy) What?
Me: Tramp, since he wouldn’t have stole it without your help, he doesn’t get in trouble.
Bear: (Sits, looking very pleased.) Ha! (Looks confused) How did Tramp help me steal it?

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