Me: (Home from shopping run with two new rope toys, Bear gets the one with the soon to be destroyed toy in the middle, Tramp gets the rope with knots in each end.)
Bear and Tramp: (Head out of the kitchen with their new toys.)

Few minutes later.

Tramp: (Standing in kitchen doorway, no toy in sight.)
Me: Let me guess, Bear snagged your toy.
Tramp: (sigh.)
Me: (Heads out to living room to see what’s up.)
Bear: (Quite happily chewing on his own toy in front of the couch.)
Tramp: (Peaking out from the kitchen.)
Me: (Frowns at Tramp, heads back to kitchen.)
Bear: (Following me by about five steps, walks into the kitchen with Tramps toy.)
Tramp: Mom! He stole my toy!
Bear: (Drops toy) What?
Me: Tramp, since he wouldn’t have stole it without your help, he doesn’t get in trouble.
Bear: (Sits, looking very pleased.) Ha! (Looks confused) How did Tramp help me steal it?