Coffee Bear

Me:  (Walking back to the recliner to find Bear sitting very still in the chair)

Bear: (Quickly getting down)

Me: (Looking around and noticing several black hair on the inside rim of my coffee cup) Bear, did you drink my coffee?

Bear: uhh Nope

Me: Are you sure?  I don't remember seeing black hair in it before.

Bear: Nope, I wouldn't drink your stuff!

Me: (taking the cup to the kitchen to pour it out and get a new one.)


Several seconds pass


Bear: Mom? Why would you drink something that tastes that bad?

Me: (grinning now) With the single exception of Rachel's crazy dog, none of you furbabies like it so I generally don't end up having get new drinks all the time. Besides, I like the flavor.

Bear: (Wrinkles his nose)

Me: Bear? How do you know it tastes bad if you didn't drink out of my cup?

Bear: (Freezes for a second then launches at me) Bear Kisses!!!! You need Bear Kisses!!!!


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