A weak mommy moment

Bear: (Spends evening covering living room with fluff.)
Me: Bedtime! (Kennels Bear and Tramp, gives bedtime treats, head back to living room and clean up fluff and toys)

Next morning

Me: (Lets boys out of kennels, fakes cheerful voice) Good morning Boys
Bear: Hi Mom!
Tramp: Yeah right.
Bear: (Trotting down hallway, turns corner to living room, stops in his tracks) Whoa, what happened?
Me: Keep going Bear, time to go out!
Bear: The fluff! All my fluff is gone! I worked on that all night long!
Tramp: Dude, grumbling at Mom first thing in the morning? Bad idea.
Me: No kidding, the kettle hasn’t even started warming the water yet.
Bear: Mother, we need to talk about this when I get back.
Me: Go for it. (Locking door, wondering if it duct tape would seal it permanently)

Bear: (Hits door handle a little while later to be let in)
Me: (Opens door )
Bear: (Sits in front of me with stern puppy look) Mother, I worked all night long to get all of the fluff just how I wanted it in the living room. I was looking forward to playing with it today.
Me: (Gives up trying to hide smile and covers face with hands) Oh baby Bear I’m so sorry. (Sits down in front of Bear) I didn’t realize you had done that on purpose you didn’t tell me. I must have had a weak mommy moment and cleaned the living room. I am so sorry! (Acts very upset, hands still covering face)

Everyone is very quiet.

Tramp: (Jumps in my lap and starts licking my chin)
Lady: I’m pretty sure she’s faking
Rommie: I am so not getting involved.
Bear: Um Mom, it’s ok, (bumps my hands with nose) I’m not mad, I should have told you. Mom?
Me: So you’re not mad? (I mumble through my hands)
Bear: Nope, not mad
Me: (Grabs Bear in hug) I want a Bear Kiss!
Bear: (Wiggles out of my reach) Mother! You were faking!
Me: Of course I was, a weak mommy moment? Really?
Bear: That is so not fair! (Stalks off to his kennel)

Blanket Revenge

Me: (On an outage call for work, glances over and sees Bear pulling the blanket off the recliner) Bear! Leave that blanket alone.
Bear: (Drops blanket) Right
Me: (Looks over a few seconds later, sees blanket being pulled off the recliner again) Bear! Stop that!
Bear: Ok Mom (Sits in front of recliner)
Me: (Watches as Bear stands up, takes a step back and starts pulling the blanket off again) Bear,

Bear: Uh Mom? The blanket won't let go. 
Me: The blanket? 
Bear: (Looks at me, no blanket in mouth but still pulling the blanket back)
Me: (Walks over and sees blanket has gotten caught in Bears collar, frees Bear from the blanket)
Bear: Oh thank you Mom!!! I thought I was going to be stuck forever!!!
Me: By any chance did it occur to you that the blanket might be getting revenge? 
Bear: (Blank look) For what?


Bear: (Moves half full food dish to living room)
Tramp: Hey that's mine!
Bear: No it isn't I just moved it, it's mine!
Me: (Notices growls coming from living room, goes to investigate) 
Bear: It's MINE!
Me: (Standing in front of Bear and Tramp) What's yours?
Bear and Tramp: Hi Mom!
Me: (Picking up food dish) I think this is mine. 
Bear: That's ok, I wasn't hungry anyway. 
Me: (Puts food dish back in place) If you aren't hungry, why all the growling? 
Bear: Tramp looked at it!
Tramp: (From living room) Did NOT!
Bear: Did TOO!
Me: (Finds headphones and puts them on)

Friday the 13th Adventures


Stumble over two blankets, a sheet and "four" dog beds all making an attempt to create a mountain in my living room. 
While the boys are outside, I throw the sheet and one of the blankets in the washer.


Pull sheet and blanket out of dryer, take them back to the boys room with Bear firmly attached to the blanket. 
Stuff blanket in Bears kennel (with Bear) and put sheet in Tramps kennel.
Head back to washer to move the next set of blankets to the dryer.
Walk into living room to find the recently washed blanket and sheet on the floor.
Pick up blanket (with Bear attachment) and sheet. Drag back to their room put items back in kennels
Lecture Bear about leaving blankets in living room and stealing Tramps blanket (again).


Check living room and find it surprisingly blanket free. 
Grab last blankets out of dryer, walk through living room (picking up Bear attachment) and head down the hallway. Stumble on a familiar blanket and sheet.
Put two blankets and Bear attachment in kennel. Walk back into hallway pick up blanket and sheet, put them back where they belong. 
Lock Bear in his kennel

Have a great weekend everyone!

The Back-up Plan

Me: (Stepping back from stove, turning around and kicking a box that wasn't there a minute ago) Bear!
Bear: Yeah Mom? (Stretching in front refrigerator) 
Me: Why did you leave a box full of cans in the middle of the floor?
Bear: I was trying to play with it.
Me: You know you aren't supposed to play with the boxes until they are empty.
Bear: Sigh! But I want to play with it now, it's just really heavy.
Me: That would be because it's still mostly full. (Scooting box back to it's place in the corner, walks to sink)
Bear: (Lays down behind me so he can lean against my legs)
Me: Bear? 
Bear: Yeah Mom?
Me: You do know I'm only here for a couple of minutes?
Bear: That's ok I’m not tired so I can keep up
Me: And if I fall over you and end up in the hospital, just who do you think is going to take care of you?
Bear: Mom, that's silly. The nice sitter lady would!

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