Bear: Mom!!! (Jumping into my lap while I'm sitting in the recliner)

Tramp: Mom!! (Landing on the one spot on my leg Bear hasn't taken over)

Me:  Bear, good grief you are getting heavy.  (Struggling to move the rather heavy and wiggly puppy to a less painful place in the recliner)

Bear: Put the leg thing up!

Tramp: Yeah! We can all fit then

Me: (Raising the leg rest) Just be careful, it won't hold you up if you get on the end of it.

Bear: Sure it will, we've done this lots!

Tramp: (Stretching out against my leg)

Bear: (Lays down on the other side of tramp and notices Betsy on the floor)

Me: Bear, the leg rest won't hold you up if you scoot out much more. 

Bear: (Crawling out to the end of the leg rest to look over at Betsy) See Mom it's fine!

Me: (Feeling the leg rest start to move) Sure Sweetie…

Bear:(Stands up quickly)


The leg rest folds, Tramp and Bear go flying off the recliner. The leg rest pops back up.


Bear: Mother! You did that on purpose!

Tramp: Yeah! That's not fair!!!

Me: (Laughing) And I suppose it's my fault you are getting so big.

Bear: Yes! I don't think I'm going to sit with you again

Tramp: Yeah right, I'm snuggling with Mom. (Hops back up next to me leg and lays down)

Bear: Wait! I get to sit with Mom too! (Jumps back on the chair and plops down, causing the leg rest to fold again…)


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