Blanket Revenge

Me: (On an outage call for work, glances over and sees Bear pulling the blanket off the recliner) Bear! Leave that blanket alone.
Bear: (Drops blanket) Right
Me: (Looks over a few seconds later, sees blanket being pulled off the recliner again) Bear! Stop that!
Bear: Ok Mom (Sits in front of recliner)
Me: (Watches as Bear stands up, takes a step back and starts pulling the blanket off again) Bear,

Bear: Uh Mom? The blanket won't let go. 
Me: The blanket? 
Bear: (Looks at me, no blanket in mouth but still pulling the blanket back)
Me: (Walks over and sees blanket has gotten caught in Bears collar, frees Bear from the blanket)
Bear: Oh thank you Mom!!! I thought I was going to be stuck forever!!!
Me: By any chance did it occur to you that the blanket might be getting revenge? 
Bear: (Blank look) For what?

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