Culinary Expertise from Bear

Me: (Standing at refrigerator waiting for a mostly empty ice maker to spit out ice cubes.)
Bear: Mom hurry I want some ice.
Me: Bear, the bin is almost empty so it takes a little longer.
Bear: (Sitting beside me.) And whose brilliant idea was it to empty the bin in the first place? The ice tasted fine.
Me: Ah, culinary expertise from the smartass. (Drops an ice cube in Bears mouth) Here is your ice cube.
Bear: (Drops ice cube on the floor.) One? Are you serious?
Me: Yup, you only got that one because it dropped while you were talking.
Bear: Fine (Hits ice cube with his paw, it shoots towards the kitchen door)
Tramp and Lady: (Leave the kitchen)
Me: (Grabs kitchen counter)
Bear: (Catches up with ice cube, hits it again and sends it flying past me. Bear follows in hot pursuit, he notices my leg about a foot out and tries to skid to a stop.)
Me: (Standing as close to the counter as possible, hanging on as Bear crashes)
Bear: Mother! You are in the way.
Me: Of course
Bear: Wait, my ice cube is gone. Mom I need another one! (Sits his pretty sit.) Please?????

Orginally published September 13, 2012

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