Duct Tape

Mom Comment: It has occurred to me that life with Bear would be ever so much easier without ANY blankets, sheets, towels or any other fabric type things….

Me: (Carrying MY blankets to be washed)

Bear: Blankets!!!!! (Launches at blankets trailing behind me)


Tramp: And just when I thought it was going to be a boring afternoon.

Bear: (Standing on tail of one blanket, grabbing a second blanket and PULLS backwards)

Me: The only saving grace right now is the fact that the blanket you are standing on is still moving.

Bear: Mom! I love them!

Me: Don't get attached, you aren't getting them (finally getting to the washer)

Bear: Mom!!! I need more blankets!! Mine is messed up!

Me: If by messed up you mean "smells funny" these are going to smell the same way. (Feeds a couple blankets into washer, drops the rest into the basket in front of the washer. Pulls utility room door mostly closed)

Bear: (Squeezing between my legs and climbs into the basket, grabs one and starts backing out the way he came)

Me: Oh no you don't (steps on blanket)

Bear: Mother!

Me: (Scooting Bear out of the room, closes door all the way)

Bear: (Puts paw under door and starts rattling it)

Me: Really?

Bear: But, Blankets!!

Me: Bear, I am positive I have enough duct tape to keep you on the ceiling for the rest of the day if you don't stop!

Tramp: Dude! He got a duct tape threat…

Lady: I knew is was just matter of time….

Betsy: Can I watch?????

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