Me: (Opening backdoor letting the dogs in while stepping outside and closing the door.)

Bear: No!!!! Mom!!! You can't be out there alone!!!!

Me: Really?

Bear: You're gonna get eaten!

Betsy: Eaten? By what, the squirrel?

Bear: Mom!!!!!! We have to protect you!!!! (Scratches frantically at door)

Me: (Picking up small log of wood)

Bear: My chew TOY!!!!

Me: My firewood! (putting log back on wood pile)

Bear: Ugh Mother! It's bad enough you move my stuff in the house!

Me: (Picks up flat hedgehog and surrounding white fluff)

Bear: Wait! Mom, what are you going to do with that?

Me: Throw it away.

Bear: Mom! You can't, it's my favorite! I love it, I won't be happy without it!

Me: (Dropping toy remains in trash) I suspect you will survive.

Bear: No!!!! My Favorite toy!!!!

Tramp: Please tell me you are coming back in soon so we don't have to deal with him alone….

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