Blanket Fairy

Bear: (From the other room) Mom!!! Mother!!! Mom!!! OMG, Mother!!!!
Tramp: Please tell me you didn't wash his blanket again, he is STILL mumbling in his sleep about that. 
Me: No blanket washing today.
Bear: (Running as best he can while dragging two blankets, drops them in front of us) See Tramp! I told you there was a blanket fairy!
Tramp: Blanket Fairy?
Bear: Yes! She put two new blankets in my kennel, see!
Tramp: (Looking at me) Are you going to tell him the truth? 
Bear: What? What Truth? 
Me: Blanket Fairy? Sounds good to me, she gave you two?
Bear: Yes! See! They are soft and MINE!
Me: Shouldn't we put them back in your kennel so they are safe? 
Bear: (Freezes, looks at me) Mother, you are not washing these blankets.
Tramp: Since they are new don't they smell funny anyway?
Me: Tramp, hush. Bear, why don't you take them back to your kennel so you can get all your blankets arranged together. 
Bear: Oh! Good idea! (Picks up blankets and walks/stumbles back towards his kennel carrying the blankets)
Tramp: No wonder he's such a pill, blanket fairy? Really?

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