Leave it

Me: Bear, we are going to work on "Leave it" and "Take it"
Bear: (Looks at me suspiciously) What does that mean?
Me: I will hold a treat and tell you to "Leave it" and you don't eat it until I say "Take it"
Bear: (Snorts) That's the silliest thing I've ever heard
Me: That may be true, but you still need to learn (Holding treat in flat of my hand) Leave it
Bear: (Looks at treat and tries to grab it from my hand)
Me: (Closing hand just before Bear gets to treat and feeling his teeth on my knuckles) Bear: Leave it
Bear: Treat! (Tries to lick fingers open, tries to stick nose between fingers, puts paw on my hand and tries to dig my hand open)
Me: Bear, Leave it
Bear: Sigh, do what?
Me: Leave it (Slowly starts opening hand)
Bear: Treat! (Jumps towards my hand)
Me: (Closing hand)
Bear: Mother, this is silly
Me: I'm good with that. Leave it (Slowly starts opening hand)
Bear: (Starts to move towards hand)
Me: Leave it!
Bear: (Sits) sigh (Looks intently at treat)
Me: (1 second count) Take it
Bear: Finally! (Snatches treat) Are we done?
Me: I want to do it a couple more times for this session (holds treat in hand) Leave it
Bear: Treat!!!

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