Dust? What Dust

Me: (Pulling a swiffer duster out of the box)

Bear: (Running up to me) Mom! That's a really cool toy!

Tramp: Toy? What Toy?

 Me: (Hanging on to the swiffer with both hands) Nope! I need to dust the TV.

Bear:  But Mom! We can help!

Me: (Sitting down in front of the TV stand) 

Tramp: (Stands on my left, focused on the fuzzy swiffer) Mom, we really can help. 

Bear: (Standing on my right, just as focused) Yeah, we can! 

Me: (Starting to dust bottom shelf from back to front)

Bear: (Tries to squeeze into TV Stand)

Me: Bear! Stop that! 

Bear: (Manages to grab the swiffer and starts backing out quickly)

Me: (Yanking swiffer away from Bear)

Tramp: (Catches swiffer as I swing back and pulls the fuzzy part off the handle, runs to the other side of the living room with Bear in hot pursuit)

Me: Oh nice, now you two are working together?

Bear: (Grabs the free end of the swiffer and pulls, splitting it in two)

Me: Alright, that does it!

Bear and Tramp: (Freeze, looking at me with wide eyes)

Me: Y'all better give those back! (Slowly stalking my boys)

Lady: (Moving away from the open door)

Bear and Tramp: (Head out the back door at top speed, each with half a swiffer)

Me: (Chasing the boys to start a game of keep away that kept the TV from getting dusted that day)

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