Me: (Feels the start of a sneezing attack)

Bear: (Running from the back room) Mother! Did you hear that noise???

Me: (Sneeze)

Bear: (Looking at me oddly) Mother! Are you going to die????

Me: (Sneeze) No (Sneeze)

Bear: (Puts his front paws in my lap and stands nose to nose with me)

Me: Bear! (Sneezing off to the side to keep from bumping heads)

Bear: Mother! (Puts nose on mine) You need to stop that!

Me: (Sneeze, sneeze)

Bear: Mother! I said stop!

Me: (Sneeze) Bear, it's not like I can control it.

Bear: (Pushes nose against mine) Mom! Don't die!

Me: (Laughing, sneeze) Sweetie, sneezes aren't fatal

Bear: Oh good (Hops off my lap and heads back to his room)

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