Tug of War!

Me: (Holding the squeaky elephant toy) Hey Bear! Want to play? 
Bear: (Running out of the kitchen) Yeah! (Grabs end of elephant ear and lays down)
Me: Really? This is how you play tug-of-war? 
Bear: (Starts backing up slowly low to the ground)
Me: Oh it was a trick! (pulls back on toy)
Bear: (Drops toy and looks at me) Mother! That is not how you are supposed to squeak the toy.
Me: C'mon Bear, let's play! (Holding out toy)
Bear: (Grabs toy and pulls backwards)
Bear: (Freezes, looks at me for a second. Starts inching down the toy with his mouth until he gets the elephant head in his mouth. Puts paw next to my hand and pushes until I let go)
Me: You don't want to play anymore? 
Bear: (Lays down with his back to me starts squeaking the toy the "right" way) (mumbling) silly Mom, that is not how you squeak the toy!

Next Afternoon

Me: (Holding the squeaky elephant toy) Hey Bear! Want to play?

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