Lots and lots of Energy

Me: Bear, I know you have a lot of energy but you need to find something else to do. 
Bear: (Continuing to bump my leg with his nose, as he has been doing since about 5:30) Ok
Me: Bear! Stop! Go find something to do!
Bear: (Wonders off)
Me: (Looks up a few minutes later) Bear! Stop! (Rescuing spinning fiber, drop spindle and wrist distaff from Bear)
Bear: (Sits in front of me and gets very close to a puppy glare) What?
Me: Let me rephrase, find something to do that doesn't involve annoying me or causing damage to anything not on the approved list.
Bear: And what exactly would that be?
Me: (Thinks for a few seconds) oh I know, you need to go outside and play with Rommie!

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