That darn brush

Me: (Brushing Bear's back and sides while he tries to catch the brush) Bear! Hold still.
Bear: But it feels funny
Me: We go through this every week. If you will hold mostly still it won't take long.
Bear: Why doesn't Tramp have to do this?
Me: Remember a little while ago when you kept trying to steal the brush out of my hand? 
Bear: Oh yeah! I want that brush
Me: I was actually brushing Tramp while you were focused on the brush, he sits still so it doesn't take very long.
Tramp: Yeah! I know how to sit still. 
Me: Tramp, just remember it took you almost two years to figure that out.
Tramp: Oh yeah
Me: (Holding Bear in a hug from behind I lift his chin and brush his chest)
Bear: Mom that's not fair!
Me: (Releasing Bear, standing up quickly) Probably not, but you are done now. 
Bear: Finally! You always take so long to do that!

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