The Back-up Plan

Me: (Stepping back from stove, turning around and kicking a box that wasn't there a minute ago) Bear!
Bear: Yeah Mom? (Stretching in front refrigerator) 
Me: Why did you leave a box full of cans in the middle of the floor?
Bear: I was trying to play with it.
Me: You know you aren't supposed to play with the boxes until they are empty.
Bear: Sigh! But I want to play with it now, it's just really heavy.
Me: That would be because it's still mostly full. (Scooting box back to it's place in the corner, walks to sink)
Bear: (Lays down behind me so he can lean against my legs)
Me: Bear? 
Bear: Yeah Mom?
Me: You do know I'm only here for a couple of minutes?
Bear: That's ok I’m not tired so I can keep up
Me: And if I fall over you and end up in the hospital, just who do you think is going to take care of you?
Bear: Mom, that's silly. The nice sitter lady would!

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