The Toy Stash

Me: (Standing in front of the dryer pulling toys out of the stash bag hanging over the dyer.)
Bear: (Running up to me, Tramp following close behind) Mother! What are you doing? 
Me: (Pulling tag and stickers off the toys) Taking all the stuff off the toys so they are safe for you guys. 
Bear: (Stands up with paws on dryer trying to reach toys in my hand) You always take so long to do that, you need to do that before!

Me: What if this is a before and I'm not going to give you these toys?
Bear: (Wilts into a sit) Mother, you wouldn't!
Me: (Holds up two toys) Bear the big one and Tramp the little one? 
Bear: No! I can hold both of those in my mouth I want both!
Tramp: sigh
Me: Bear, one or none.
Bear: Fine, the small one!
Tramp: This is gonna be fun.
Me: (Hands Bear the small one, reaches over to hand Tramp the big one)
Bear: (Accidentally drops the small one while reaching for the big one)
Tramp: (Grabs the small one as it hits the floor and runs out of the kitchen)
Bear: Mom! Tramp stole my toy! 
Me: And?
Orginally published September 17, 2012

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