Mom’s Godiva

Me: (Scooping Godiva coffee into coffee press)
Bear: (Paws on counter next to me) Oh Mom, what is that?
Me: Bear, if you even try to sneak some of my Godiva I will hurt you.
Bear: (Drops off counter) Mother!
Tramp: Dude, she's serious.
Bear: Really?
Tramp: I tried it once, scariest thing ever!
Me: Really?
Bear: (Eyes wide) What happened?
Tramp: I was only trying to smell the piece of candy.
Me: By stealing it out of my hand?
Tramp: She spanked me the worst ever!
Me: By bumping your nose?
Tramp: Then she picked me up by my tail!
Me: Carried you like normal?
Tramp: And threw me in my kennel.
Me: Put you down in front of it?
Tramp: She slammed the door shut!
Me: Latched the door closed?
Tramp: And left me there forever, I didn't think I was getting out again!
Me: About an hour?
Bear: (Whispers, eyes very wide) WOW!
Tramp: (Nodding head) Yeah, just avoid Mom when she has Godiva.
Me: (Thinking for a second) That works.

Orginally published September 22, 2012

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