Mom’s Scritch Magic

Me: (Hears whispers in the living room)
Bear: I'm not asking, she just let us in.
Rommie: I asked last time.
Tramp: Bear you have to she already got me once today.
Rommie: Like he does much better, did you see what happened this afternoon?
Bear: That's not fair! She has Scritch Magic! It makes me forget everything!
Tramp: I know!
Rommie: (Sighs) Bear! We need to go out! Just keep thinking OUT!
Bear: Ok, but she just let us in, I don't think this is going to work.

Me: (Feels Bear bump my leg) Hey sweetie (Scritches between Bears eyes, behind his ears, all down his neck and shoulders.) Ok, go play now.
Bear: Thanks Mom! (Heads back to Tramp and Rommie)

Rommie: (Shaking her head) Bear!
Bear: (Comes to a sudden stop) Uh oh
Tramp: I told you it wouldn't work.

Lady: Oh good grief, there is only one way to do this and none of you have figured it out.
Rommie: Oh really? Why don't you show us.

Lady: (Walks over sits in a begging stance 3 feet in front of me and grunts in a very annoying way)
Me: Lady, Do you need out?

Lady: Yes! (whispers to the other dogs) You can't let her touch you!

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