What is This Nap Word you Speak Of?

Me: (Trying out this nap concept with my nice warm fuzzy blanket on the couch, hears whispers)
Lady: Will you be quiet! You are going to wake her up!
Me: (Feels blanket around my feet move and small cold nose on the bottom of my feet.)
Tramp: (Slightly muffled) I found her feet!
Me: (Feels blanket around my hands being pulled away, large nose inspects both hands)
Bear: I found her hands!
Lady: Idiots! She's sleeping, not lost!
Tramp and Bear: Oh

Sounds of moving bodies for a couple of minutes, then more whispering

Bear: Lady, who is going to let us out if we need to go? 
Lady: Mom will when she wakes up.
Bear: But what if we need to go out before she wakes up?
Lady: She's probably not going to sleep for a long time, so just hold it.
Bear: But what if it is a long time?
Lady: It won't be so just hush.
Bear: How do you know? 
Lady: Because it's a nap and naps are short!
Bear: Who says naps are short?
Lady: Everyone! That's why it's a nap!
Bear: Are you sure?
Lady: Really? Just hush 
Me: She's awake so it's not a problem, do you need to go out? 
Bear: Oh Hi Mom, nope, I was just wondering.

Orginally published September 23, 2012

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