Friday the 13th Adventures


Stumble over two blankets, a sheet and "four" dog beds all making an attempt to create a mountain in my living room. 
While the boys are outside, I throw the sheet and one of the blankets in the washer.


Pull sheet and blanket out of dryer, take them back to the boys room with Bear firmly attached to the blanket. 
Stuff blanket in Bears kennel (with Bear) and put sheet in Tramps kennel.
Head back to washer to move the next set of blankets to the dryer.
Walk into living room to find the recently washed blanket and sheet on the floor.
Pick up blanket (with Bear attachment) and sheet. Drag back to their room put items back in kennels
Lecture Bear about leaving blankets in living room and stealing Tramps blanket (again).


Check living room and find it surprisingly blanket free. 
Grab last blankets out of dryer, walk through living room (picking up Bear attachment) and head down the hallway. Stumble on a familiar blanket and sheet.
Put two blankets and Bear attachment in kennel. Walk back into hallway pick up blanket and sheet, put them back where they belong. 
Lock Bear in his kennel

Have a great weekend everyone!

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