That darn brush

Me: (Brushing Bear's back and sides while he tries to catch the brush) Bear! Hold still.
Bear: But it feels funny
Me: We go through this every week. If you will hold mostly still it won't take long.
Bear: Why doesn't Tramp have to do this?
Me: Remember a little while ago when you kept trying to steal the brush out of my hand? 
Bear: Oh yeah! I want that brush
Me: I was actually brushing Tramp while you were focused on the brush, he sits still so it doesn't take very long.
Tramp: Yeah! I know how to sit still. 
Me: Tramp, just remember it took you almost two years to figure that out.
Tramp: Oh yeah
Me: (Holding Bear in a hug from behind I lift his chin and brush his chest)
Bear: Mom that's not fair!
Me: (Releasing Bear, standing up quickly) Probably not, but you are done now. 
Bear: Finally! You always take so long to do that!

Mom Observation

I seem to have been trained to give the crew their teeth chews every night around 8:30. Of course, three dogs sitting in a circle looking at me and Bear sitting next to me bumping my leg with his nose every 5 seconds might have something to do with it…

Pillow Thief – Take Two

Bear: (With a "second" pillow from my bed, walks out of my bedroom)
Me: Bear, please bring me the pillow
Bear: (Walks over, sits in front of me and locks his jaws while holding the pillow)
Me: (Prying his jaw open) Twice in one day, feeling particularly brave today? 
Bear: Mother! I need a pillow!
Me: Here's the deal Bear, if you "find" one more item in my room tonight, I will wash every blanket in your kennel, every night for the next week. 
Bear: No!!!! (Runs to kennel, stays there for the rest of the evening.)
Me: (Enjoying a quiet evening) 🙂

The Pillow Thief

Me: (Seeing "my" pillow on the living room floor) Bear! Please explain why my pillow is on the living room floor. 
Bear: (Innocent look) I found it!
Me: Found it? What were you doing on my bed? (Picks up pillow, walks back to bedroom)
Bear: (Tries to catch pillow as I am lifting it) It's mine! I love it!!!
Me: (Throws pillow on bed)
Bear: (Jumps on bed after pillow)
Me: Bear, nothing on that bed, or in this room is available for finding. 
Bear: Mother! (Sits on bed, stares at me)
Me: (Not happy Mother look)
Bear: (Sigh) Fine! (Hops off bed, heads back into living room)