Bear: It's mine!
Tramp: Give it to me Brat!
Bear: Mine!
Tramp: No it isn't, it's mine!
Me: Boys?
Tramp: Hush! We have to hide it!
Bear: Hide it!
Me: (Hearing sounds of the boys frantically hiding something) What's up?
Bear and Tramp: (Sitting next to each other, looking very innocent) Nothing!
Me: So you two were almost in an all out dog fight over nothing? 
Tramp: (Stands up) We were playing!
Bear: (Stands up and reveals a wad of paper he had been sitting on) We weren't doing anything!
Me: (Picking up paper) Funny, I could have sworn I threw this away a few minutes ago. 
Tramp: Nice going Brat.
Bear: Mom! Tramp stole it, I was just trying to bring it back to you!
Tramp: Really? Mother! He stole it and was NOT bringing it back to you!'
Me: (Laughing) You don't say….

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