Bear the Magician

Bear: (Pushing food around dish with his nose, pushing food out of dish with his nose. Making very large pile of food “next” to the food dish)
Me: Bear. Stop. That.
Bear: (Grumbles, bumps food dishes, moves food around, more bumping.)
Me: Bear, eat or I am going to lock you in your kennel until I know you are hungry.
Bear: Fine. (More bumping, a couple of bites crunched loudly, several more bangs then the sound of an upside down food dish being pushed down the hallway)
Me: I know my headphones are around here somewhere…
Bear: (Reaches what sounds like end of hallway, more bangs, pushing starts again.)
Me: Oh great, he’s figured out turns.
Tramp: (Jumps on the couch next to me, not quite touching) Um Mom?
Me: What?
Tramp: We have a problem
Me: Other than the annoying one in the hallway?
Tramp: Well, kinda because of the annoying one in the hallway, we need help.
Me: Tramp, what on earth are you talking about?
Tramp: (Jumps off the couch and heads in the dining room to stand in front of the remaining three food dishes. All upside down.)
Me: Wait, I just filled those up
Tramp: (Nods)
Me: Awesome
Bear: (Runs around corner from hallway) Mom! I’m hungry! All the food disappeared!

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